Michelle Van Kempen

| Executive Vice-President, Executive Producer

Michelle Van Kempen has a creative background in marketing, public relations and business management. �Prior to Film Garden�s inception she was Vice President of Marketing for Independent Entertainment Group, where she developed and marketed entertainment and information services. Prior to joining INDE, she worked in the cosmetics industry in Marketing, Public Relations and Product Development, where she was responsible for the design, manufacture, promotion and sale of products, both in the U.S. and internationally. Ms. Van Kempen has also served as the Director of Consulting for Columbine Systems, a computer hardware and software company serving the broadcasting industry. In addition to overseeing the U.S. consulting staff, she single-handedly set up European operations for the company, developing sales and support offices in the U.K. and France.

Trained as a classical musician, Ms. Van Kempen began her career as an orchestral flutist.

Ms. Van Kempen serves as Executive Producer of all Film Garden programs.