The following are series produced by Film Garden Entertainment.

Amazing Wedding Cakes

(Women's Entertainment,
4 Seasons, 42 Episodes)

Get ready to enter the world of high-end cake making, from larger-than-life designs to the over-the-top personalities who create them. This half-hour series takes you behind the scenes of some seriously high-stakes cakes.

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Endless Feast

(Public Television, 2 Seasons, 40 Episodes)

The Endless Feast travels the continent, bringing together local farmers and food artisans, food lovers and star chefs, as we explore the connection between the earth and the food we eat, one incredible feast at a time. Each episode introduces a different region and features a gorgeous feast staged in a stunning outdoor location, from farm fields to vineyards to urban community gardens, celebrating food at the source.

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Extra Yardage

(DIY, 13 Episodes)

“Extra Yardage” is a new series that transforms neglected decks, patios and yards into world-class outdoor entertainment spaces using the latest designs, materials, and concepts.  From outdoor kitchens to sports-bar-themed spaces, master craftsman Billy Derian gives you a new look at life outside the box.

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Fuse Rock Bottom

(Fuse Network, 8 Episodes)

Fuse Rock Bottom confronts rock bands on the brink of disaster.  In each episode one band member is given the ultimate choice: get straight or get out. They’ll have just 30 days to get their act together – or be replaced.

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(Discovery, 9 Episodes)

Hogs Gone Wild is a new adrenaline-charged series that takes viewers to the front lines in the war against an increasingly destructive and invasive enemy:  the feral hog.

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Keeping Up With The Joneses

(Centric, 8 Episodes)

A glamorous docu-soap series that follows the high society, high stakes world of the crew behind Jones Magazine. Founded and run by Tracey Ferguson, Jones Magazine is the first of its kind, the “It” guide for Houston high society and the country’s only upscale magazine catering exclusively to African American women detailing the very best in fashion, hair, makeup and the social scene.

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